Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Southern Fried Chicken South in the 1960s

Fried chicken and waffles, recipes below
In 1960 the Baltimore Sun ran an interesting article on Southern fried chicken and its regional interpretations. At the time cooks on the Gulf Coast used a fresh lemon accent with lemon rubbed over the skin before cooking and cooked the chicken with a minimum of frying fat and/or oil. They served the chicken with rice and kidney beans. In Kentucky they served fried chicken with piping hot pancakes covered with a brown chicken gravy. In Virginia one ate fried chicken with waffles and a cream based chicken gravy. In Georgia folks ate fried chicken and grits, rice, or whipped sweet potatoes. In state of Louisiana one finds traditional fried chicken as well fried chicken with a red spicy tomato creole sauce. 

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