Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paula Deen and the Antebellum Catering Motif

Been thinking about the recent Paula Deen admission that she directed young black male employees to play the slave part at catering events because that's what "niggers" did at plantation dinners before the civil war ended slavery.  Solomon Northrop (1808 –circa 1863) was an African American born free in New York who earned extra money playing the fiddle at parties. In 1841 two white men druged him, stole his free papers, and sold him at a DC auction into slavery in Louisiana.  Northrop would remain enslaved in Louisiana from 1841 to 1853 after which he wrote a autobiography titled, Twelve Years A Slave by Solomon Northrop. The book provides insights into the reality of playing the slave within the context of food and foodways on a southern plantation before the civil war.

Louisiana Foodways and Recipes:

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